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The HTC8521 (single), HTC8522 (dual) and HTC8524 (quad) are ultra-low power operational amplifiers that provide 90kHz bandwidth with only 3.4μA quiescent current. These rail-to-rail input and output amplifiers are specifically designed for battery-powered applications. The input common-mode voltage range extends 300mV beyond the power-supply rails and the output swings to only 6mV of the rails, maintaining wide dynamic range. Unlike some micro-power op-amps, these parts are unity-gain stable. The HTC852x family features a low input bias current that allows the use of large source and feedback resistors. The HTC852x op-amps are specified for single or dual power supplies of +2.3V to +5.5V. All models are specified over the extended industrial temperature range of ?40℃ to +125℃. The HTC8521 is available in 5-lead SC70 and SOT-23 packages. The HTC8522 is available in 8-lead MSOP and SOIC packages. The HTC8524 is available in 14-lead TSSOP and SOIC packages.

Low Supply Current: 4.2 μA Maximum per Amplifier
Gain-Bandwidth: 90 kHz
Unity Gain Stable
Low Offset Voltage: 3.0 mV Maximum
Rail-to-Rail Input and Output
Input Range: 300 mV Beyond Rails
DC Precision:
                   CMRR: 102 dB
                   PSRR: 102dB
                   AVOL: 110dB
Output Swings to 6 mV of Rails
Operating Power Supply: +2.3 to +5.5 V
Operating Temperature Range: −40℃ to +125℃

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